Noise Democracy

by Let Us Out

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released December 2, 2016

Written and performed by Let Us Out
Recorded by Peter Edwards



all rights reserved


Let Us Out Montreal, Québec

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Track Name: Clear
Wrong exit I have taken
Am I truthful you're asking?
It's obvious I was struggling
I'm not as tough as it seems

But who cares about my feelings?

You can't control it so
Just let it go
Then truth will show

After the rain the sky is clear
There's still a chill but ain't the cold refreshing?

Excuse me, gotta get going
Nothing here I ain't already seen
There's no way back from our sins
Too late for me to start praying

But who cares about my feelings?
Track Name: I See
Sight of an eternal winter to come
It’s like ice has filled our home
Now everyday feels the same
And that sweet taste has grown quite lame

Shut down all the lights I have nothing to offer
Spasmodic embrace with too many lovers
People save their prayers for the martyrs
Golden ropes, like half alive for the future

Who wrote all these lines I’m playing
I split my life in two to silence the aching
Though being truthful used to be my thing
I had to lie to keep myself from fading

Now all my dreams are filled with doubts
And all I need is a way out
Track Name: Wasted Time
I spent so much time wondering what to do
That I ended up doing nothing at all
I still wonder if there’s a place for me too
Well I don’t feel so special

I want to feel the breeze blow through my hair
I need to laugh and scream and cry
I want to leave a trace to show that I was there
I need to live before I die

No more blank pages, no more procrastination
Now’s the time to fight my demons
To stop the excuses, and stop the whining
Every moment can be good timing
Track Name: Confined
Now all these eyes seem like they can see through you
And you believe that walls have ears
Nowhere to hide, the pain takes over you
Suffocate in a cloud of fear

Screaming for help
But no one seems to hear

All this is delusion
Your mind playing games on you
A fault in perception

Too many ghosts in your mind to carry on
You're waiting for the finish line
And all these drugs make you think you’re on your own
So heavy it could break your spine

It's like you're trapped in hell
But no one seems to see

All this is delusion
Your mind playing games on you
A fault in perception